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Dec 10 2010

Caring For Your Hearing Aids

In order to keep your hearing aids in good working order they should be cleaned on a regular basis. Below you will find some simple preventative maintenance tips to help keep you in tune with the world around you:

  • Using the tools provided with your hearing aid, brush any visible wax off your aid, mold, or dome. This should be done on a daily basis.
  • Open the battery door, take out the battery and brush out the battery compartment.
  • If your hearing aid has wax guards they should be changed approximately once a month or if the hearing aid is no longer working (your hearing health care provider will provide instruction upon fitting).
  • Some earmolds can be detached from the hearing and cleaned with soap and warm water. Never put the hearing aid itself in water, only the earmold can be cleaned this way. Not all earmolds can be detached, ask your hearing health care professional if you are unsure.
  • Store your hearing aids in a dry place and away from any family pets. The storage case provided with your hearing aids is the safest spot for them.
  • Following these simple steps will ensure that you get the most out of you hearing aids.

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