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Feb 13 2015

What does it sound like to have a hearing loss?

Do you have normal hearing, but wonder what it might sound like to have a hearing loss? Maybe you know a relative or friend who has hearing loss and wonder how they hear. Hearing loss doesn’t just make sound quieter. It often distorts sound, making speech sound garbled. This is because frequencies aren’t affected equally. […]

Feb 05 2015

Every ear is unique

Did you know your ear is as unique as your fingerprint. That’s right, every ear has a slightly different size and shape. Theoretically, your ear print could be used for identification. Although, you don’t see many criminals leaving their ear print at a crime scene. So, it probably won’t replace finger prints any time soon.

Jan 22 2015

Fascinating Facts: Australian infants find it easier to understand Canadians

A new study out of the University of Western Sydney has found that Australian babies find it easier to understand Canadian accents than their own. Maybe it’s the way we say “aboot?” Actually, it appears there are more differences in sound between our vowels. For example, “ee” and “oo” sound more similar in Australian accents […]

Nov 25 2014

Fascinating Facts: Barn owls are acoustic hunters

The flat face of barn owls directs sound to their ears. This allows them to form a 3D acoustic picture of the environment, enabling them to hunt with great precision. Check out the link below for a fascinating video.

Aug 28 2014

Designing buildings for better hearing

Here is something we don’t always think about. The way buildings are designed can drastically influence the way we hear. Check out the link below for an interesting video on how acoustics affect our hearing.

Jul 24 2014

Leave that earwax alone!

See the link below for a good article on why you shouldn’t clean your ears out on your own, especially with cotton swabs. The only time earwax should be removed is if your ear canal is completely blocked, causing hearing loss. Even then, you should see a Physician or Audiologist trained in wax removal to […]

Jul 15 2014

Sound advice!

Check out this video by Dr. Karl Kabasele and the Canadian Hearing Society for some great advice on hearing loss, protecting your hearing, and hearing aids.

May 29 2014

Ears: not just for hearing

We all know that we hear with our ears. Did you know that they also serve another important function? Balance. That’s right, the inner ear is composed of two organs. The cochlea, which is responsible for hearing, and three semicircular canals, which are responsible for balance. We may take them for granted, but this organ […]

Apr 03 2014

Fascinating Facts

Humans can hear at frequencies up to 20 000 Hz. If you own a dog or cat you know that some animals can hear much higher pitches. A dog can hear up to 40 000 Hz, twice that of humans. Mice can hear even higher, up to 90 000 Hz. Then there is the bottlenose […]

Mar 13 2014

Fascinating Facts

The speed of sound changes depending on what it is moving through. In air, sound travels at approximately 340 m/s or 1225.00 km/h. However, sound travels much faster in water. About 1500 m/s or 5400 km/h.