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Jan 09 2019

Make your hearing health a priority in 2019

Happy New Year from Accurate Hearing. While you’re making your resolutions, consider adding taking care of your hearing health to the list. It is just as important to have our hearing checked as other aspects of our health such as our vision. Make your hearing health a priority in 2019 and book a hearing screening […]

Dec 13 2018

Tips for facilitating communication with someone with hearing loss

In our last blog we discussed some tips for making communication easier when you have a hearing loss. Communication is a two-way street, so today’s blog will focus on the speaking partner of the person with hearing loss and what they can do to facilitate better communication.

Dec 06 2018

Tips for better communication when you have a hearing loss

If you have a hearing loss you know it can take a lot of energy and focus to follow conversations. Our world is very busy and noisy, which doesn’t help. Following are some tips on how to make hearing a little easier. Don’t be afraid to disclose that you have a hearing loss. Most people […]

Nov 15 2018

Taking your hearing health to heart

Noise is not only bad for your hearing, it can also be bad for your heart. A recent study carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital has linked chronic noise exposure with increased risk of heart disease. The researchers followed 499 people for five years and found that people who were exposed to noise regularly were […]

Nov 01 2018

Headphones and Hearing Aids

A question we often come across is “can I wear earphones or headphones with my hearing aids.” The answer depends on the type of hearing aids or earphones you have. Earbuds generally won’t work because with any style of hearing aid you will have a dome, mold, or the hearing aid itself in your ear […]

Sep 27 2018

Can hearing aids be waterproof?

With all the rain we have had over the past few days you might be wondering if you can get hearing aids that are waterproof. While no hearing aid is truly waterproof, many are water resistant.

Sep 13 2018

Types of hearing loss: Mixed

Previously we have discussed sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both types of hearing loss. For example one may have a sensorineural hearing loss due to noise exposure, and further hearing loss on top of that due to wax, fluid, infection, or other conditions that block sound from getting […]

Sep 06 2018

Types of hearing loss: Conductive

A conductive hearing loss occurs when an obstruction or physical abnormality prevents sound from reaching the inner ear. Common symptoms of conductive hearing loss include: 1. A feeling of fullness or pressure. 2. Pain. 3. Your own voice sounds hollow or like it is reverberating. 4. Tinnitus (often a low pitch humming or buzzing, but […]

Aug 23 2018

Types of hearing loss: Sensorineural

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common form of hearing loss. It is also the most insidious as it often occurs very gradually, leading people to have a hard time identifying it until it becomes a significant problem. However, you can identify it early if you know what signs to look for. Early signs of […]

Aug 08 2018

Is hearing loss inevitable?

Hearing loss is more prevalent among older populations. However, is hearing loss inevitable as we age? The answer is complicated. It’s true there are more instances of hearing loss in older people, but is this due to ageing itself or a lifetime of accumulated noise exposure. The answer is likely some of both.