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News & Information

Mar 15 2018

The impact of hearing loss on the brain

For Brain Awareness Week (March 12-18) we thought we would highlight the impact of hearing loss on cognitive function. Several studies in recent years have shown a link between cognitive decline and hearing loss, with higher risks of dementia in people with hearing loss, especially untreated.

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Mar 02 2018

How do Roosters maintain their hearing?

For today’s blog we thought we would deviate a bit and give you some interesting animal facts.

Now, if you have ever heard a Rooster crowing you know the sound can be quite loud. In fact, researchers who recorded Rooster calls found that some can be well over 100 decibels; loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage. Fortunately, the sound drops off quickly the further you get from the animal, so farmers don’t have to worry about hearing loss from these loud calls. What about the Rooster? The sound at their ear canals from their own crows was measured at 100 plus decibels. This begs the question: do Roosters lose their hearing from the noise of their own calls?

Well, the researchers wondered the same thing. What they found is that Roosters ear canals close off when they open their beaks to crow, essentially creating a built in earplug. This is how they maintain their hearing in the face of such loud calls.

If only we humans had a similar mechanism to protect our hearing. However, we must rely on putting in earplugs when immersed in loud noise, so make sure to put in your ear protection when working or playing around noise.

For more information on hearing and noise please contact Accurate Hearing at one of our convenient locations:


Lower Sackville: 902-252-3004

Cole Harbour: 902-406-4327

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Feb 23 2018

Not every hearing loss is the same

Hearing loss is complex: no two people are exactly the same. By extension there is no single treatment plan that will work for everyone. Have you ever heard someone say they do well with their hearing aids, but their friend keeps them in the drawer, or vice versa? It may be that they need different approaches to treatment, or their hearing loss may be more difficult to treat than someone else’s. So what makes individual hearing so unique?

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Feb 16 2018

Factors that affect the price of hearing aids

Why do hearing aid prices vary? The answer is the technology and features various models come with. Like most electronics such as computers, different models will come with different features. The number and quality of these features will influence the price of the hearing aids. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features when deciding on a hearing aid model. Continue reading

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Jan 31 2018

Why hearing aids are not like glasses

If you have glasses you probably remember that moment when you were fit with your first pair: the moment the world came into focus. With glasses the improvement in our vision is often dramatic and immediate. Many people who wear hearing aids ask why it is not the same for hearing. Continue reading

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Jan 18 2018

How should I clean my ears?

Ever heard the saying don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ears? Well, it’s true for the most part. So, if that is the case, how do you get rid of irritating earwax?

Earwax, or cerumen, is a natural occurring substance produced by our bodies. It gradually moves along your ear canal taking dirt, bacteria, and other debris such as dead skin cells with it. It is an entirely natural mechanism that helps keep your ears clean and healthy. Under normal circumstances it works its way out of your ear on its own through jaw movements such as chewing.

If the system is working properly you don’t have to clean your ears, just take a cloth or cotton swab and apply gently to the outside of your ear, around the canal, to get rid of wax that has already worked its way out. DO NOT STICK THE SWAB INTO YOUR EAR CANALS! Continue reading

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Jan 10 2018

The connection between your vision and hearing

Did you know that where you are looking may influence how well you hear? A recent study published in Scientific Reports looked at the effect of gaze direction on hearing, with some interesting results. They found that the brain needs to work harder to hear when we are looking away from what we are listening to. This happened even when participants were put in a dark room and asked to either direct their gaze at a speaker in front of them or look away. When they looked away the researchers found that the participant’s reaction times were slower and their brain was more active (working harder to listen for the sound). Continue reading

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Dec 29 2017

Happy New Year from Accurate Hearing

Accurate Hearing will be closing at 11:00am on Friday, December 29th for the New Year weekend and returning to regular hours on Tuesday, January 2nd.

Happy New Year!

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Dec 14 2017

Beware of noisy toys

Noisy toys that emit music, beeps, sirens and other loud sounds can be great fun for kids, but more than likely a little annoying to the adults around them. Besides the annoyance, did you know they could potentially put children’s hearing at risk?

That’s right, children’s ears are especially sensitive to noise, so, special care should be taken not to expose them to too much. Instead of something that emits a lot of noise, consider something a little quieter this Christmas. Board games, puzzles, Lego and other building sets are great ideas that won’t harm sensitive ears.

Of course they may have their heart set on the latest noisy gadget, so, just keep the noise level in mind as the big day approaches.

For more information or to have your hearing evaluated please contact Accurate Hearing at one of our convenient locations below:

Lower Sackville: 902-252-3004

Cole Harbour: 902-406-4327

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Dec 08 2017

Communication tips for the Holidays

The Holiday Season will soon be upon us and with it many social gatherings at work and home. For people with hearing loss these often noisy situations can be very difficult. Below you will find some tips for making communication easier.

If you have a hearing loss:
1. Make sure to face the person or persons you are speaking with whenever possible. Whether we realize it or not we all use facial cues for context, and this helps us understand what is being said. This takes on even more importance if you have a hearing loss.
2. Try to avoid background noise as much as possible. For example, if you go out to a noisy restaurant try to sit as far from the main entrance and the kitchen as possible. If one is available try sitting at a booth rather than an open table. When at home try to reduce distracting noise from televisions, computers, and radios.
3. Make sure your hearing aids are in good working order if you have them. Regular cleaning and maintenance is important to keep them working optimally.

If you are hosting someone who has a hearing loss:
1. Make sure the dining area is well lit as this can help people see the facial cues of others at the table.
2. If someone does not understand what you said, try re-phrasing it with different words rather than repeating the same sentence again.
3. Try to reduce as much of the background noise as possible by turning off televisions, radios, and other sources of noise.

We hope these tips will help you and your loved ones make the most of this Holiday Season. If you have any questions regarding hearing or would like to book an appointment please contact us at one of our convenient locations.

Lower Sackville: 902-252-3004

Cole Harbour: 902-406-4327

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