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Feb 29 2012

Steps to better hearing

Being diagnosed with a hearing loss can be an overwhelming experience. At Accurate Hearing we are here to guide you through the process of relearning to hear. We strive to help you make the transition to better hearing and hearing aids as quickly and pleasantly as possible. Through our experience, here are five steps to help you during your hearing journey.

  1. Admit that your hearing isn’t what it used to be – Most people wait five to seven years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss. That’s time you cannot get back. The sooner a hearing loss is treated, the better the outcome.
  1. Keep a positive attitude while you seek help – Success with your hearing aids will depend on your attitude, your desire to learn, and determination to increase your ability to hear.
  1. Learn about your hearing problem – The best remedy for hearing loss is education. Learn all you can about your particular loss and work with a hearing professional to determine the best solution for you.
  1. Set realistic expectations – You won’t hear again like you once did with normal hearing. Hearing aids are only a substitute for the original. Your best bet is to focus on improvement. Your hearing aid will help you hear better, not perfectly.
  1. Practice, time and patience – The transition to hearing aids requires practice. It’s an investment that usually begins to pay dividends within a few weeks. Remember the more you wear your hearing aids, the better your experience will be.


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