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Dec 06 2018

Tips for better communication when you have a hearing loss

If you have a hearing loss you know it can take a lot of energy and focus to follow conversations. Our world is very busy and noisy, which doesn’t help. Following are some tips on how to make hearing a little easier.

  • Don’t be afraid to disclose that you have a hearing loss. Most people are quite willing to adapt to your needs and will be more understanding when you require repetition.
  • Ask people to rephrase if you didn’t understand them.
  • Context can help fill in the gaps when you miss things. If feasible, try to find out the topic of conversation beforehand. For example, if you’re having a meeting at work, ask your supervisor to provide a list of topics to be discussed.
  • If you have hearing aids make sure to take them in for regular maintenance to ensure they are working optimally.
  • When dining out try to find a place with minimal noise and good lighting so that you can see the face and lips of the people you are speaking with.

These are general guidelines and their effectiveness will depend largely on the environment and people you are communicating with. If you have any other tips that have worked for you please feel free to share them in the comments.


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