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Apr 25 2018

Tips for dining out

It probably comes as no shock that restaurants can be very noisy places. We have all likely had the experience of straining to hear someone across the table. This becomes even more difficult if you have a hearing impairment.

Below we have listed some tips for hearing better in noisy restaurants. While this list is primarily intended for those with hearing impairment, most of these strategies are useful for anyone interested in hearing better while dining out.

  • Find the quietest spot to sit in the restaurant. For example, try to stay away from tables near the kitchen or entrance, where extra traffic can create more noise. Considering asking the staff to seat you in the quietest spot.
  • If a booth is available take that rather than an open table as the high backs of the booth can buffer some of the noise.
  • Consider going at non-peak hours. If feasible try going a little before or after the lunch or dinner rushes.
  • If the restaurant is playing music, consider asking them to turn the volume down.
  • If you have a hearing loss and are comfortable telling people, inform the staff so that they can make appropriate accommodations.

Try some of these strategies for a more comfortable dining experience next time you are out. Have any other tips or suggestions? Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.

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