Posted on: July 27, 2017

It has become difficult to walk down the street without seeing someone using a set of earbuds or headphones. They have become so ubiquitus that it is unlikely people are going to stop wearing them any time soon. So what’s the next best thing? Consumer electronics company Nakamichi may be working on a solution: a headphone that regulates sound as you listen to music.

Their Edge over-the-ear headphones have a built in A.I. which automatically adjusts the volume. They not only analyse the loudness of the music, but also how long you are listening, because damage to your ears depends on the volume AND length of time you are listening to music. A volume that is safe for half an hour may damage your hearing after several hours. Based on data from the World Health Orgnization, the headphones take length of listening time into account and reduce the volume when this limit is met. For very loud music the headsets will adjust almost immediately, for moderate level music they will kick in and lower the volume when the length of time for that level becomes dangerous.

Hopefully, more companies will follow suit once these headphones hit the market. Ideally everyone would set their music at a low level to protect their hearing. Until then, these types of self regulating headphones seem like a good step toward preventing some forms of noise induced hearing loss.

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