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when hearing loss occurs…

More than half of Canadians over the age of 65 will experience some degree of hearing loss. However, many people are now showing signs of hearing loss in their 30s and 40s! Although studies show using hearing aids can improve the quality of life for hard-of-hearing adults, two-thirds of seniors who could benefit from hearing help either do not seek it or refuse treatment. Why is this?

Hearing Loss in Youth

Today’s Youth are at Risk of Significant Hearing Loss –At 85dB, you can listen to music for eight hours with no damage. But for every 3dB increase, cut that time in half. Four hours for 88dB, 2 hours for 91 dB (subway, lawnmower), half hour 97dB (motorcycle), 3fi minutes at 100dB (school dance), and for a concert which can be 110 dB and above… less than a minute!
Source: The Hearing Foundation of Canada

Caring For Your Hearing Aids

In order to keep your hearing aids in good working order they should be cleaned on a regular basis. Below you will find some simple preventative maintenance tips to help keep you in tune with the world around you: (more…)

Types of Hearing Loss

Many people do not realize that not all hearing loss is the same. There are basically three types of hearing loss: (more…)

Degrees of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can range from mild to profound.

0-25 dB Normal range of hearing
26-40 dB Mild hearing loss, difficulty hearing soft speech and some speech in noise. More serious for infants and young children who need to hear speech in order to learn to talk.
41-55 dB Moderate hearing loss, difficulty hearing conversational speech.
56-70 dB Moderately-severe hearing loss, great difficulty hearing speech in both quiet and noisy environments.
71-90 dB Severe hearing loss, cannot hear most environmental sounds or normal speech without the use of hearing aids or assistive listening devices.
91 + dB Profound hearing loss, this is what most people think of as “deaf.” Cannot hear environmental sounds or speech.
Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is usually gradual and subtle. Following are some symptoms that people often notice: (more…)