Posted on: July 6, 2017

A very common objection to hearing aids is that people feel they will have a hard time handling them. They may remember parents or grandparents having to constantly fidget with the volume control or perhaps have a hard time changing the batteries. Others feel that there may be too much to learn with new technology.

Fortunately, hearing aids today are much more automatic. Many models will adjust how they process sound depending on whether you’re listening to speech or music, talking on the phone, or watching TV.  Most of today’s models will also automatically adjust the volume with changing levels of background noise. With some state-of-the-art models you may not need to make any adjustments at all. Simply put the aids in and forget about them until it’s time to take them out. For those who do like to have some control, say good bye to tiny buttons and wheels that can be difficult to manipulate. Most aids come with the option of an easy to use remote control, while others are Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to control them directly from your smartphone.

For those with dexterity issues who may have trouble manipulating the batteries, you can get a small magnet with the hearing aids that help you to insert and remove the batteries. Many manufacturers are starting to make breakthroughs with rechargeable batteries as well. These will only become more common as time goes on.

So, whether you like learning about new technology or want something you can put on and forget about, there is a hearing aid for everyone. For more information please feel free to contact one of our clinics.

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