Posted on: July 13, 2017

In this last entry on common objections to hearing aids we will be looking at one we hear fairly often: my friend or family member has hearing aids, but they don’t use them.

There could be several reasons for this. With any new hearing aid there is an adaptation period. Most people have had hearing loss for years before they decide to get hearing aids. As a result the ears and brain need time to adapt to all the new sounds they will be hearing. The world in a noisy place and some people opt to put the hearing aids in the drawer. However, with some effort the brain will adapt to hearing again and the benefits to quality of life will far outweigh any challenges in the beginning.

Everyone’s hearing is also unique. Two people may hear sounds at the same level, but one may be more sensitive to loud sound, or prefer to listen at a different level than the other. As such, hearing aids often have to be adjusted a few times during the adaptation period to tailor them to each individual. If your friend or relative has not fully gone through this process or been back for adjustments then their hearing aids may not be set optimally for their hearing. The key here is to find a good provider that can work through your individual needs with you to set the hearing aids up appropriately.

Something else to consider is how old your friends hearing aids are. Technology is improving all the time. Current hearing aids can reduce or filter out much of the unwanted background noise in many situations, making listening easier. They are also more automatic than ever. Other’s are capable of wireless connectivity to your smartphone and other wireless devices. With all of these features there is a hearing aid that can meet just about anyones needs.

Finally, no two people are the same. No matter what reason, the fact that your friend or relative are having difficulty does not mean that you will too. The only way to know for sure is to try them yourself. You may open yourself up to a world of better hearing.

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