Posted on: December 8, 2017

The Holiday Season will soon be upon us and with it many social gatherings at work and home. For people with hearing loss these often noisy situations can be very difficult. Below you will find some tips for making communication easier.

If you have a hearing loss:
1. Make sure to face the person or persons you are speaking with whenever possible. Whether we realize it or not we all use facial cues for context, and this helps us understand what is being said. This takes on even more importance if you have a hearing loss.
2. Try to avoid background noise as much as possible. For example, if you go out to a noisy restaurant try to sit as far from the main entrance and the kitchen as possible. If one is available try sitting at a booth rather than an open table. When at home try to reduce distracting noise from televisions, computers, and radios.
3. Make sure your hearing aids are in good working order if you have them. Regular cleaning and maintenance is important to keep them working optimally.

If you are hosting someone who has a hearing loss:
1. Make sure the dining area is well lit as this can help people see the facial cues of others at the table.
2. If someone does not understand what you said, try re-phrasing it with different words rather than repeating the same sentence again.
3. Try to reduce as much of the background noise as possible by turning off televisions, radios, and other sources of noise.

We hope these tips will help you and your loved ones make the most of this Holiday Season. If you have any questions regarding hearing or would like to book an appointment please contact us at one of our convenient locations.

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