Posted on: December 12, 2012

With all of the family gatherings that go on at this time of year hearing loss can become more noticeable. If you have a family member with hearing loss it can be hard for both of you to enjoy the conversation.  However, it can be difficult to bring up the subject of hearing loss with loved ones. Rather than talking about the hearing loss with our loved ones we will often resort to raising our voices or constantly repeating ourselves, which can be frustrating for everyone.

While the discussion of hearing loss can be difficult, there are ways to bring it up in a caring and understanding way. Instead of saying something like, “you have a hearing loss and need to have a hearing test,” which can put some people on the defensive, try bringing up real world examples. For instance you could say “I’ve noticed recently that it is hard for you to hear the grandchildren,” or “I’m worried that you’re withdrawing from conversations and activities with the family because you can’t hear us.”

If after having this conversation your loved one is still hesitant to make an appointment, there are several online hearing tests that they can do in the comfort of their own home. While not as accurate as test by a professional in a clinic, they do offer a good starting point. Click on the following link for one they can try at home: Online Hearing Test.

Once your loved one is ready, help them book an appointment with a hearing care professional. It may also be helpful to go along with them to their appointment for support.

Remember, untreated hearing loss can lead to further frustration and social isolation. Seeking treatment as soon as possible can help reduce the impact of hearing loss on quality of life.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a hearing test please contact Accurate Hearing at 423-7734 in Halifax or 252-3004 in Lower Sackville.