Posted on: November 1, 2018

A question we often come across is “can I wear earphones or headphones with my hearing aids.” The answer depends on the type of hearing aids or earphones you have. Earbuds generally won’t work because with any style of hearing aid you will have a dome, mold, or the hearing aid itself in your ear canal, taking up the space you would normally put a bud.

However, headphones will work with most hearing aid styles. Custom hearing aids are worn in the ear canal, so headphones that fit over your ears will work with this style. Headphones will also work with behind the ear hearing aids as this style of aid sits tight against the top of your ear. When looking for headphones to use with this style of hearing aid make sure there is enough room for the headphone to fit entirely over your ear and the hearing aid. If the headphone sits directly on top of the hearing aid you may get feedback or a reduction in sound volume.

As with any headphones, make sure to listen at a low level to avoid hearing damage. For more information or to book a hearing consultation please contact Accurate Hearing at one of our convenient locations below.

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