Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids have advanced far beyond what was possible as little as 10 years ago. Current hearing aids come in a variety of forms, many of which are nearly invisible. Advanced signal processing in digital hearing aids can eliminate much unwanted environmental noise and help you focus on hearing speech clearly.

As an independent provider, Accurate Hearing offers a full selection of hearing aids to meet everyone’s needs.

Types and Styles of Hearing Aids

Mini Behind-the-Ear

The most versatile hearing aids, they can fit a wide range of types and degrees of hearing loss. Mini behind-the-ear hearing aids are very small and discreet. They can be fit with a small, nearly invisible ear bud (dome) or custom earmolds.


These hearing aids offer more power than their smaller counterparts and are suitable for severe to profound hearing loss or persons with outer and middle ear deformities and chronic ear infections.

Custom In-the-Ear

This type of hearing aid sits in the ear or ear canal and comes in several sizes:

Full Shell/ITE                                                               Half Shell/In-The-Canal/ITC


Completely-In-The-Canal/CIC                                   Invisible-In-The-Canal/IIC