Posted on: July 2, 2015

Many people report anecdotally that their balance is affected when they have hearing loss. Some also notice that their balance improves when they treat their hearing loss. Now a small study from the Washington University School of Medicine suggests that improving hearing does in fact improve balance. In the study participants’ balance was tested with their hearing aids on and off. When participants’ hearing aids were on their balance improved, indicating that they were using sound to help maintain stability.

This is not too surprising as it is known that hearing helps us create a map of our environment. When our hearing is working optimally, our brain uses the loudness and slight timing difference of sound between our ears to tell where it is coming from. This helps us create a kind of auditory map of our surroundings, which in turn seems to help us maintain our balance. In a similar fashion our vision assists our balance by telling us where we are in relation to the objects around us.

The takeaway here is that balance is a complicated process involving our vision, hearing and balance organs of our inner ears. Having optimal hearing can help us maintain our balance.

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