Posted on: February 26, 2021

The link between hearing loss and cognitive function is becoming more clear all the time. Several studies in recent years have shown a strong correlation between cognitive decline and hearing loss, with higher risks of dementia in people with hearing loss, especially left untreated.

Researchers believe one of the main reasons for this is social isolation. The more isolated we become the greater the risk of cognitive impairment. When people suffer from untreated hearing loss they tend to retreat from social interactions or sit quietly, not hearing much of what is being said.

Other researchers have pointed to cognitive overload. The brain must work harder to decipher speech when untreated hearing loss is present, and this may make us more susceptible to cognitive impairment.

Whatever the reason for the link, it is clear that untreated hearing loss can lead to higher risk of cognitive impairment. In fact, MRI scans consistently show that individuals with hearing loss lose brain tissue more quickly than those with normal hearing. The tissue loss is most pronounced in the areas of the brain that process hearing and speech.

Further studies are looking into the cause of the link between these two conditions. For now it seems clear that treating hearing loss early and sustaining overall hearing health, has benefits for our overall cognitive function.

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