Posted on: August 3, 2018

It’s hot out there! Did you know that humidity can impact how your hearing aids are working? High humidity can cause moisture to buildup in your hearing aids, particularly under the microphone covering and in the battery compartment.

How can you protect your hearing aids from excess moisture? Storing them somewhere safe and dry, with the battery doors open is a good start. A Dri-aid kit is also a good investment. These little kits don’t cost much, but can save you a lot in repair costs. Most have a compartment with tiny beads that absorb moisture. When you store your hearing aids in the kit at night these beads will help dry out your hearing aids. There are also more powerful electronic kits available as well for people with chronic moisture buildup in their hearing aids. Ask the professionals at Accurate Hearing for more details.

Finally, bringing your hearing aids in for regular maintenance can also help prevent moisture damage. Your hearing health care professional can spot moisture and take care of it and make suggestions before it becomes a major problem.

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