Posted on: June 10, 2014

Who said that hearing aids are not cool?

Starkey’s made for iPhone hearing aids, HALO, let you adjust your hearing aids with your iPhone through the trulink app. Your phone is your remote control plus so much more.

How often have you been at a restaurant or at a social occasion thinking that the sound is just not quite right? With HALO hearing aids you can adjust the sound quality of your hearing aids simply by moving your finger over your phone’s screen. When you are happy with the sound you can save the setting, and with the geo tag function, your phone will save your location as well. So next time you go back to that same location, your preferred setting will automatically be applied for you.

Hearing in the car can be challenging. With HALO hearing aids your phone will detect when you drive faster than 10 mph and automatically switch to a car program, optimizing speech and reducing unwanted car and road noise. When you arrive at your location, the hearing aids will switch back to their normal memory.

And how about this: have you ever misplaced your hearing aids? Your phone will give you the last known location. When you get close enough, for example, in the same building as your hearing aid, a display on your pone will tell you if you are getting closer to you aids. (This will make for a great game with the (grand)children as well… 😉

In addition, you can stream your phone conversation to your hearing aids, listen to music wirelessly, and much more!

Want to find out more about the HALO hearing aids? Call us today for a complimentary hearing screening and demonstration of this great technology! 423-7734 for our Halifax clinic; 252-3004 for our Sackville location.