Posted on: February 23, 2018

Hearing loss is complex: no two people are exactly the same. By extension there is no single treatment plan that will work for everyone. Have you ever heard someone say they do well with their hearing aids, but their friend keeps them in the drawer, or vice versa? It may be that they need different approaches to treatment, or their hearing loss may be more difficult to treat than someone else’s. So what makes individual hearing so unique?

Number one is that there are many different types and degrees of hearing loss. Some people have trouble hearing high pitch sounds, while others have trouble hearing low pitch, and still others have difficulty hearing across the entire frequency range. In addition, hearing loss can vary from mild to severe and everything in between. Mild to moderate hearing loss is fairly easy to correct with hearing aids, while someone with very severe hearing loss may have to rely on hearing aids and other methods of communication such as lip reading, and closed captioning for TV.

Individuals can have different tolerances for sound as well. Some people a very sensitive to loud sound, while others don’t have a problem with it. This means that two people could have the same level of hearing, but one may need their hearing aids set lower than the other due to how they tolerate loud sound. This tolerance can vary by pitch as well, with some people being more sensitive to high pitches, and others to low pitches. Their hearing aids would need to be set accordingly.

As we can see there are some major differences in hearing from one individual to another, and this blog post just scratches the surface. All of these differences must be taken into account when setting up a treatment plan.

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