Posted on: November 1, 2023

Did you know November is Fall Prevention Month?

Fall prevention is crucial to the well-being of people of all ages! Falls are the number one cause of permanently disabling injuries and hospitalizations in adults. Falls are also accountable for 20% of injury-related deaths. It is not just older adults at risk of injury or death from falls. Even younger adults are impacted permanently by falls every year.

Unfortunately, people with hearing loss are 2.5x more likely to fall than their peers without hearing loss. The worse a person’s hearing loss, the higher their risk of falls. Researchers believe this is due to the reduced awareness of their surroundings and spatial awareness associated with hearing loss. In addition, they need to use more effort to listen, which can distract them from fall hazards. 

However, seeing an audiologist to have your hearing assessed and wearing hearing aids can help reduce the risk of falling for people with hearing loss.

Don’t wait! Book an appointment with one of our local hearing experts now and reduce your risk of falling this November during Fall Prevention Month.

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Source: Speech-Language Audiology Canada