Posted on: January 7, 2016

It’s a new year and great time to resolve to take your hearing health seriously in 2016. Over the next several posts we will be discussing the importance of maintaining your hearing health for a better quality of life. Let’s jump in.

One of the most important reasons to take care of our hearing is to maintain our social relationships. People with hearing loss, even mild, have difficulty following conversations. As hearing gradually becomes worse we miss more and more of the conversation. Eventually we may decide it’s just too much effort and stop attending social functions. This also puts a strain on our home life as family members become frustrated when they have to repeat themselves again and again. The net result is that we risk becoming socially isolated, anxious, and stressed. If nothing is done this path can eventually lead to more serious consequences such as depression.

The best way to avoid the social isolation that hearing loss can bring is to do something about it early. This means having our hearing checked regularly so that if hearing loss occurs it can be caught and treated before it has a significant impact on our social relationships.

Join us next time as we discuss more reasons to take care of your hearing health. In the meantime if you feel you are experiencing hearing loss please book an appointment at one of our three clinics:

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