Posted on: January 15, 2016

Last time we discussed how important our hearing is to maintaining our social relationships. Another reason to have our hearing checked regularly is personal safety.

We often take it for granted that we will hear the sound of sirens or a car pulling up beside us when we’re driving. However, hearing loss can limit our awareness of these important sounds, making it more difficult to hear emergency vehicles or other important warnings.

A study in the February, 2009 edition of Ear and Hearing found that smoke detectors aren’t always effective at waking people with hearing loss up. We may miss other signals as well, such as the sound emitted by a truck or forklift being put into reverse.

There are many reasons to stay on top of our hearing health. Personal safety is an important one. So, if you feel you are experiencing hearing loss or simply want to have your hearing checked, please book an appointment at one of our three clinics:

Lower Sackville: 902-252-3004

Halifax: 902-423-7734

Cole Harbour: 902-406-4327