Posted on: June 22, 2016

Summer is here. For many that means days full of outdoor activities: from concerts, to festivals, to parades, or may maybe work in the yard. All of these activities have the potential to damage our hearing.

For example, sound at concerts or festivals with live music can easily reach over 100 decibels, well over the limit for safe hearing. Many celebrations such as parades include marching bands, sirens, and horns, all of which can damage our hearing. We should also consider our hearing while doing yard work that includes noisy equipment such as lawn mowers.

So, should you avoid these situations? No. Part of the fun of summer is getting out and enjoying the festivities or simply working in the yard. Just remember to think about your hearing. If you are going to be in situations that involve loud noise, such as those mentioned, bring along some hearing protection. It can be as simple as over the counter foam plugs. For maximum protection ask your hearing care professional about custom noise and music plugs.

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