Posted on: May 3, 2017

To some degree we all realize that noise isn’t good for our hearing. But, just how much noise is too much? You might be surprised at what everyday items can impact your hearing.

In general noise levels of 85 dB or higher can lead to hearing loss. To give you an idea how loud this is, many common items such as food blenders, lawnmowers, and power tools operate in this range or louder. Many recreational vehicles and average city traffic also reach 85 dB or higher. Ever go to a movie theater and cringe at the noise level? Many movies often reach well above a safe volume.

Noise has other effects too. Several studies have pointed to the fact that prolonged noise exposure can lead to stress, sleep disturbance, and hypertension.

So what can we do as a society and as individuals to minimize the negative effects of noise? One way is through noise laws that ensure we don’t reach annoying or dangerous levels in certain areas such as apartments and residential neighbourhoods. Hearing protection can also help even when using common items like lawnmowers and blenders.

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