Posted on: February 27, 2014

We likely think of our eyes as the most important sense for operating a vehicle. While this is true, our hearing is also very important. Think of all the things you need to hear while driving. What if you couldn’t hear the sounds of emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire trucks, or the honk of another vehicle’s horn trying to alert you to danger?

Fortunately, there are ways to make driving with hearing loss safer. The use of hearing aids can help you hear the sounds around you such as sirens and horns. If you wear hearing aids, keep some extra batteries in your car so your hearing aids are always working. Extra noise can also be distracting if you have hearing loss. Turn down the radio and avoid distractions such as using blue tooth headsets while driving. Even hands free phone use can be distracting, especially when you already have difficulty hearing what is going on around you. Finally, you may want to consider purchasing an extended rear view mirror. This will extend the visibility of things behind you and give you a better chance of seeing approaching vehicles such as ambulances or police cars.

If you or someone you know experience difficulty hearing while driving, please phone Accurate Hearing at 252-3004 in Lower Sackville, or 423-7734 in Halifax to schedule a hearing test.