Posted on: December 12, 2014

Whether we like it or not, Winter is almost here. If you wear hearing aids, the cold months of December through February can be particularly hard on them. Temperatures below zero degrees Celsius can reduce battery capacity resulting in decreased battery life. Occasionally batteries can fail completely at these temperatures. The solution is to keep your hearing aids, and your ears warm by wearing a hat or headband. You should also carry some extra batteries in your pants pocket where your body heat will keep them warm.

Another thing to look out for is condensation. Moving from a cold to warm area can cause condensation to build up in the hearing aids. People with glasses will be familiar with this effect when their glasses steam up after coming in out of the cold. This condensation can get into the sensitive electronics of the hearing aid causing them to malfunction. Fortunately, most modern hearing aids have a moisture resistant coating to help protect them from this type of moisture. If your hearing aid does stop working when you come in out of the cold, open the battery doors and put them in a warm, dry place. Never put them on a heater! Instead, you can purchase a dri-aid kit from you hearing care professional. These kits are specially designed to absorb moisture from the hearing aids.

Follow these tips to keep your hearing aids working during the Winter. Stay warm out there!