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Mar 02 2018

How do Roosters maintain their hearing?

For today’s blog we thought we would deviate a bit and give you some interesting animal facts. Now, if you have ever heard a Rooster crowing you know the sound can be quite loud. In fact, researchers who recorded Rooster calls found that some can be well over 100 decibels; loud enough to cause permanent […]

Dec 14 2017

Beware of noisy toys

Noisy toys that emit music, beeps, sirens and other loud sounds can be great fun for kids, but more than likely a little annoying to the adults around them. Besides the annoyance, did you know they could potentially put children’s hearing at risk? That’s right, children’s ears are especially sensitive to noise, so, special care […]

Nov 23 2017

Could your daily commute contribute to hearing loss?

It is a fact of life that cities are noisy places. Could that noise be contributing to hearing loss? A recent study conducted in Toronto suggests yes, it could. Measurements were taken in various vehicles: subway, streetcars, buses and cars, and while waiting on the street or platform. While the average noise did not reach […]

Sep 28 2017

The future is wireless

Everywhere you look we seem to be going wireless: from phones, to computers, even everyday appliances. Hearing aids are no exception. But, what does this mean and how does it benefit you? A wireless set of hearing aids can communicate with each other. This means that if one hearing aid adjusts itself because there is […]

Jul 27 2017

A headphone that protects your ears while listening to music

It has become difficult to walk down the street without seeing someone using a set of earbuds or headphones. They have become so ubiquitus that it is unlikely people are going to stop wearing them any time soon. So what’s the next best thing? Consumer electronics company Nakamichi may be working on a solution: a […]

Jul 20 2017

New evidence that noise exposure directly damages the brain

As if we didn’t already know noise exposure is not good for us, a recent Italian study has found that noise directly damages the brains of rats. That is, noise doesn’t simply affect the tiny structures of the inner ear, which we already know, but also damages the brain. The research reveals that noise results […]

Jul 27 2016

‘Shark Tank’ star on how hearing aids changed his life

Daymond John is the founder and CEO of fashion brand FUBU and star of the reality TV series ‘Shark Tank.’ He also has hearing loss which he attributes to noise exposure from years of listening to loud music while growing up. He struggled for years, thinking people were mumbling or not speaking loud enough. Then […]

Dec 03 2015

Getting into the Holiday spirit: Australian choir performs alongside deaf choir

This is an interesting story. In what they are promoting as a ‘world first’ the Sydney Philharmonia choir will perform Handel’s Messiah alongside a deaf choir that will use sign language and movement to convey emotion. The performances will take place through December at the Sydney Opera House. Check out the link below for more […]

Aug 27 2015

A drug to prevent noise related hearing loss?

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the US Army is testing a new drug that researchers hope will help prevent hearing loss caused by noise. As anyone who has served in the Military can tell you, noise is often a fact of life. Standard hearing protection is not always enough to completely […]

Aug 14 2015

Did you know? The ear contains some of the smallest parts of the body

Did you know your ear contains the smallest muscle and bone in your body. The smallest muscle is called the stapedius, and is located in the middle ear. It is about a quarter of a centimeter long and controls the smallest bone in the body, the stapes or stirrup bone. The stapes is about twice […]