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Nov 21 2019

Tinnitus Facts

Up to 15 percent of Canadians experience chronic tinnitus, and about half that number find it persistent enough to be annoying or difficult to deal with. Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ear or head. It can take on many forms, such as ringing, pulsing, sizzling, crickets, and many more. For some people […]

Nov 14 2019

Hearing aids and brain health

Every day it seems there are new studies linking hearing to brain health. Furthermore, they all seem to agree that treating hearing loss can lead to better cognitive performance when compared to people with untreated hearing loss. The latest study was published by Science Daily. It followed two groups and tracked their cognitive function by […]

Oct 23 2019

How our hearing impacts our participation in our own healthcare

When our hearing is good we take for granted being able to hear everything our Doctor or other health care professionals tell us. This is important, especially when receiving treatment information such as when to take medications and at what dosage. However, untreated hearing loss can make it difficult to follow what we are being […]

Jul 11 2019

Two ears vs. one: sound localization

Did you know that being able to tell what direction a sound is coming from depends on both ears working together? That’s right. Our ears combine the information coming from both sides in order to locate where a sound is coming from. This ability is compromised when one ear isn’t hearing at the same level […]

Jun 27 2019

Be kind to your ears this Canada Day weekend

Happy Canada Day weekend! The Holiday weekend is full of great events such as live music, fireworks, and parades. While these events provide good fun, they can also be hard on our ears. So, while at the events you happen to be enjoying this year, be sure to keep your hearing in mind. If you […]

Jun 13 2019

Tips for adjusting to your hearing aids

So, you have just been fit with your hearing aids. Adapting to hearing new sounds can be a bit overwhelming at first. So, here are some tips to help you adjust to your new devices. Wear your hearing aids consistently. Your ears and brain need time to adapt to new sounds. The only way this […]

May 01 2019

How your hearing can affect your participation in healthcare

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that patients with hearing loss actively participated in their own healthcare less than those with no hearing loss. Those who reported ‘some trouble’ hearing were 42% more at risk of low participation in their healthcare, while those who reported ‘a lot of […]

Apr 04 2019

If only people would stop mumbling

“If only people would stop mumbling I would be able to hear them.” Do you ever find yourself saying this? If so, you may have hearing loss. While it is true, some people do mumble, not being able to hear people clearly is an early symptom of hearing loss. Hearing usually decreases very gradually. Early […]

Mar 06 2019

Can you wear your hearing aids when you fly?

This is a question we get asked fairly often. The answer is yes, you can wear your hearing aids when you fly. What you may find is that the noise level on airplanes can be annoying. This can be the case even if you don’t wear hearing aids. If you find aircraft noise too loud […]

Feb 21 2019

Symptoms of middle ear infection

Winter is the season for colds, and with them increased risk of middle ear infection. What is it about having a cold that increases the risk of a ear infection? In short, the middle ear and throat are connected via the Eustachian tube. An upper respiratory tract infection can cause inflammation of the throat and […]