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Aug 11 2017

Noise may have greater impact on musicians than we thought

We have known for some time that excessive noise leads to hearing loss. However, a recent study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine has shown that the risk to musicians is extremely high . In fact, professional musicians were found to have 4 times the risk of developing hearing loss compared to the general population. […]

Aug 03 2017

Yard work: a source on noise we often don’t think about

It’s midsummer, and for many of you that means time spent out in the yard. But, did you know that some noise from yardwork can be just as damaging to your hearing as industrial noise or noise associated with loud music? That’s right. We may not think about it, but much of the equipment we […]

Jul 13 2017

Common objections to hearing aids and their solutions: Part 4

In this last entry on common objections to hearing aids we will be looking at one we hear fairly often: my friend or family member has hearing aids, but they don’t use them. There could be several reasons for this. With any new hearing aid there is an adaptation period. Most people have had hearing […]

Jul 06 2017

Common objections to hearing aids and their solutions: Part 3

A very common objection to hearing aids is that people feel they will have a hard time handling them. They may remember parents or grandparents having to constantly fidget with the volume control or perhaps have a hard time changing the batteries. Others feel that there may be too much to learn with new technology. […]

Jun 22 2017

Common objections to hearing aids and their solutions: Part 2

Last time we discussed cost as a common objection to hearing aids. Another very common one is appearance. I can’t count the number of times I have heard some version of, “Hearing aids will make me look old.” Here is something to consider: the effects of hearing loss are often more noticeable than a hearing […]

Jun 07 2017

Common objections to hearing aids and their solutions: Part 1

Nearly 80% of people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t use them. Why is this? The reasons are varied and range from cost to appearance. Over the next few blogs we will be looking at some common objections to hearing aids and their solutions. So, let’s begin with a look at the first and […]

May 17 2017

It’s hearing awareness month – have you had your hearing checked?

Question: When should you have your hearing checked? Answer: Hearing, like your eyes and teeth, should be checked on a regular basis. “But, how do I know if I’m really having hearing difficulties?” you might ask. If you answer yes to any of the following questions you should have your hearing checked as soon as […]

May 03 2017

The unseen effects of noise

To some degree we all realize that noise isn’t good for our hearing. But, just how much noise is too much? You might be surprised at what everyday items can impact your hearing. In general noise levels of 85 dB or higher can lead to hearing loss. To give you an idea how loud this […]

Apr 07 2017

Protecting your hearing aids from spring showers

April showers are certainly here. If you have hearing aids now is the time to start thinking about protecting them from moisture exposure, which can lead to corrosion and damage to the electronics. Most of today’s state-of-the-art hearing aids have a moisture coating to protect them from minor moisture exposure. However, with the wet springs […]

Mar 28 2017

Tax time and claiming your hearing aids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well maybe not, but, like it or not, our taxes need to be filed. If you have purchased hearing aids in the last year you can claim them under medical deductions. You can also claim for repairs and batteries, so hold on to all of your receipts. […]